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  • October 24, 2020

National Grid, an energy company serving gas in addition to electric customers in Ny, Rhode Island, and Ma, was facing a challenging situation. Their rollout regarding a new SAP setup was 36 months in typically the making and already overdue.

You see, in 2004, HP’s project managers knew all of the things that could go wrong with their ERP rollout. So I guess a failed technology project can’t actually take down a Fortune 500 company for good, but it can certainly knock it around a little. Could a failed technological innovation implementation (in this circumstance SAP’s R/3 ERP software) take down a Bundle of money 500 company? Well, that certainly didn’t help Hershey’s operations during the Halloween party season it happened in 1999 or help to make Wall Street investors excited.

Some rollouts seek to handle this sort of trouble by testing new methods with production data, typically imported from existing sources. This can make certain that info errors are corrected just before rollout — but creation data is valuable products containing a lot regarding confidential and proprietary details, and it also needs to end up being guarded with the similar care as it would certainly in actual production.

Typically the Australian outpost of typically the venerable mall chain, passionately known as “Woolies, inches also ran into data-related problems as it moved forward from your system built 30 years ago in-house to SAP. One of the biggest crises that arose was that profit-and-loss reports tailored for individual stores, which managers were accustomed to receiving every week, couldn’t be generated for nearly 18 months. Worth & Co. is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturing company that just wanted a new ERP system, and after hearing several pitches in 2014, decided to hire EDREi Solutions to implement Oracle’s E-Business Suite. The deadline was pushed back to February 2016; at that point Oracle demanded that Worth & Co. pony up $260, 000 for training courses and support contracts. In 2017 Worth & Co. jettisoned EDREi for another integrator, Monument Data Solutions. Another year was spent seeking, without success, to modify Oracle’s suite for Worthy of & Co. ‘s functions.

It could be, too, that firms want to avoid the reputational damage contained in failure, in addition to instead prefer to give new meaning to success as whatever they will get. Sometimes the sole sign something has eliminated wrong is when the particular parties head to court docket — and the complete details of the dispute hardly ever turn out.

On every episode we are definately sit back with one prosperous CEO to share just how she slays the problems of being a black woman in business. The epic tale of HP’s centralization of its disparate North American ERP systems onto one SAP system proves that one can never be too pessimistic when it comes to ERP project management.

If they missed their go-live date, there would be cost overruns to the tune of tens of millions of money, and they will have to acquire government approval to improve costs to pay for these people. Should they turned on their particular new SAP system too soon, their own operations may be compromised. Oh, and the go-live was date had been November 5, 2012 — less than a few days after Superstorm Sandy emaciated National Grid’s service location and left millions with out power. Greg Crouse, handling director at Navigant Contacting, has learned all concerning this from inside typically the belly of the litigious beast, serving as a great expert court witness or perhaps consultant after spending more than 20 years managing large-scale projects. “You’d have a hard moment finding anyone who may talk about it — cases either litigate eternally or get settled in addition to sealed, ” says Crouse.

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